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James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Experience Excellence with James Hardie Siding and Trim: Unmatched Durability, Superior Longevity, Exquisite Appearance, and Optimal Efficiency

Opt for the enduring elegance of James Hardie siding, engineered to resist the harshest weather conditions — tailor-made to defy the unique climate challenges we face in Texas. By selecting Solid Exteriors for your James Hardie renovation, you not only invest in unparalleled protection for your home but also enjoy the added peace of mind that comes with a 30-year manufacturer's warranty. Transform your home with a siding solution that blends enduring strength with aesthetic charm, ensuring your home stands out and stands strong.




Fascia, Soffits & Trims

fascia and soffit boards fit against roof overhangs to protect the rafters and help with attic ventilation, while the trim neatly frames windows, doors, and corners, ensuring all junctions between siding and architectural features are both aesthetically pleasing and resilient to the elements.



Stucco Siding

mimics the textured finish of traditional stucco. It offers the classic Mediterranean or Spanish look of stucco but with enhanced durability and less maintenance

Reveal Sample.PNG


Reveal System

is a modern, commercial-grade panel system that delivers a sleek, contemporary look with large, flat surfaces and squared edges, creating a uniform and architecturally refined façade.



Lap Siding

also known as HardiePlank, is a type of fiber cement siding fashioned into long, horizontal strips that are designed to overlap one another, providing a classic, timeless look with the added durability of cement-based products.



Board and Baten

consists of wide vertical panels (boards) and narrow vertical trim pieces (battens) that cover the seams, offering a rustic or cottage aesthetic, with the same resilience to weather and wear as other Hardie siding products.

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